Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brunch and the City

Still in NYC, one of the great pleasures of my vacations is always Sunday’s brunch. It’s so family-like and, at the same time, great for people-watching. You get to eat the most delicious things and still have a cocktail, if you feel like. I just love it!!!!

Usually when Luv and I are in NYC the Sunday’s brunches are with some of his family which is always very special since we spend so much time apart. I have a sweet tooth so I often order pancakes or French toast and share with S., Luv’s little niece.

I always find Pastis ( ) and Balthazar ( ) classics for brunch. The food is always amazing – great steak tartare and burger – some classic French dishes and both are always quite busy. Balthazar is well known for its bakery, so try some of their bread. As for Pastis, if you still can handle dessert after all, order their île flotant, light and sweet. You might consider booking a table a few days before or you may have to wait a few minutes. As a matter of fact, I usually like to book all my restaurants in NYC in advance, which for most venues can be done by using a reservation site called Open Table ( ).

This time we went to Morandi ( ) for one of our brunches. It was fantastic! Morandi is an Italian restaurant also owned by Keith McNally (from Balthazar and Pastis). I’ve been there before for dinner, which, by the way, is very good too, and now went back for brunch. I loved it. It has become a morning hot spot with great food and beautiful people, such as Cameron Diaz, whom I set side by side with by the way. I highly recommend the bruschetta with ricotta, nuts and honey and the focacciaocciho di bue” which would be a thin pizza dough with a sunny side up egg, pecorino cheese and pancetta, unbelievable!! All three serve breakfast and lunch everyday and brunch on weekends.

If you’re going for real substance and comfort food, Norma’s at Le Parker Meridien ( ), on midtown, is a must. The PB&C Waffle ‘Wich and Crunchy French Toast are insane. They serve breakfast and lunch everyday.

In case you are looking for something more sophisticated, romantic and/or with a beautiful view I would say: head to Brooklyn and try The River Café ( ) right under the Brooklyn Bridge and with the most sweeping view of the city.

Once again: have fun and Boa Viagem!

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